Develop your talents

Mordenate College is a society that offers the best students of the Faculty of Law of Leiden University the opportunity to develop their talents to the greatest possible extent by supporting them morally, scientifically and financially.

The College also functions as a student society for its members by organising lectures, informal gatherings and study trips. The College strongly supports studying abroad and can realize placement of students at renowned foreign universities.

For more information Mordenate College can be contacted via or through H.J. Snijders, Faculty of Law, Postbus 9520, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands.

Past and present

Mordenate College was founded in 1988 by professor Hein Schermers. In 1985 and 1986, in order to give something extra to the best students of the legal faculty, the former dean invited ten students with the best results after each exam to dine with him at his home. These dinners resulted in valuable personal relations, which were appreciated by everyone involved. When prof. Schermers resigned as a dean in 1986, he came up with the idea of continuing these relations in another way, which led to the foundation of Mordenate College.

In 2002 prof. Schermers retired as patron of Mordenate College, and was succeeded by prof. H.J. Snijders.

Under the guidance of prof. Snijders, prof. van Raad and prof. Blokker, Mordenate College is currently growing as a study association and a meeting spot for the best law students in Leiden.

Around twenty students are admitted to Mordenate College annually, most of them at the start of their second year. The membership of Mordenate College is open to all law students of Leiden University who pass their propaedeutic exam with extraordinarily high grades and are not older than 21 years when passing the propaedeutic exam.

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